SSGLex™ Long Tactical Dog Leash


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"One of our three dogs got one as a gift, we liked it so much that we ordered two on the same day for the other two dogs. Great stuff!"


Tactical Dog Leash

The dog leash seat belt is a must-have for any pet owner. The material used to create this leash can hold a high level of pulling force, which means it should be able to handle anything that your furry friend does. Plus, this hogtie won't come off or snap like other rope leashes and has a quick-release clasp in case things go south.

People love the compactness and how nimble and stable the SSGLex™ Leash is. It is just the right length, so there is no need for long leash management.

Regular leaches can hurt dogs that pull, this tactical dog leash's rubber core provides just enough elasticity to keep the dog's neck safe. This military dog leash is also great for training and can be used with a service dog, and for general dog training.

In addition to the features mentioned, the tactical leash can be also used as a car seat belt for your tactical k9, the metal tongue is compatible with most seat belt systems.

Buckle Material: Metal
Leash Material: 1000 Denier Nylon
Thickness: 1 in
Length: 37 inches
Weight: .4 pounds

Customer Reviews

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Dan Michael
Excellent product

The leash arrived quickly and as advertised. It is an outstanding product. I highly recommend this company. They make fantastic stuff.

Ryan Rich

The pictures provided on the site make this lease look much higher quality than it actually is. The clip, nice quality, the bungee was really nice when I purchased it but it quickly lost its elasticity. The end handle is where the real disapointment shines. It's almost like the manufacture tried cutting quality to save cost.

Terry Tiell
Nice leash

Very nice leash for the price. The bungee stretches very nice, helps keep the dogs close. The close grip handle is kind of redundant considering the backpacks have a nice handle built in but if you don't have a backpack already I can see it being useful.

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