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Military Style Backpack


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Military Style Backpacks

Our collection offers you, military backpack, 3-day packs, and more. Our waterproof tactical gear is great for camping, hiking, army use, and everyday casual use.

Why go tactical?

Tactical backpacks bridge many worlds by combining many useful features in a single bag. Specialized backpacks used for travel, school, etc. only tackle one narrow usage case. The Goat Trail Tactical backpacks bring you a military-grade backpack designed to cover most use cases. For example, our bags offer you a padded laptop sleeve to carry your laptop safely to school, but it is also compatible with our Gyser Hydration system for when you go camping.

What is the best tactical backpack for me?

Selecting the right backpack can be a little tricky, but it doesn't have to be! Let's break down the process into smaller pieces, and start with some simple questions:

1- What do I need the backpack for?
2- How long will I be using the backpack each time?
3- Will I be walking most of the time while carrying my backpack?

answering this question can bring you closer to choosing the right backpack. For example, if your answers are:

1- I need the backpack for camping
2- I will be camping for 4 days
3- I will be mostly around the camp

then you might want to select the TursPac™ 50L or WaliaPac™ 45L, if your answer to question number 3 was "I will be walking and hiking the entire time, then you might want to go with the TakinPac™ 25L or IbexPac™ 30L. You get the idea.

This tactical backpack is designed to be both a Tactical Backpack and a Military Backpack. It is a compact and small tactical backpack on the outside yet very roomy on the inside. Also, the molle webbing makes it the best 25l tactical backpack / tactical day pack combination in its price range and quality. If you are looking for the ideal 25 liters backpack, this backpack is your ideal choice.

Designed to give you Ibex-like agility when going up the mountain, this tactical backpack has a few features that elevate it to the top of the game. For starters, we have added a combat vent system for increased comfort on longer excursions that last typically more than one day! The sturdy fabric and stitch work makes it the most rugged backpack for any use. If you are looking for the ideal tactical laptop backpack, this 30l tactical backpack is your ideal choice. tactical 30l backpack

The WaliaPac offers both storage space and compactness. It is the most versatile 45l tactical backpack on the market. The bag is made from high-quality military-grade material that is also water-resistant. It features 7 internal and external pockets. There are molle webbings in the front and on the sides. The molle webbings are used for addons and attachments. If you are looking for the ideal tactical laptop backpack, this backpack is your ideal choice.

Designed to carry and transport your gear in the best possible way, this tactical bag is built for travel, hiking, tactical operations, as well as day-to-day use. It checks all the boxes for a rugged build, improved storage, better organization, and on-the-go comfort. It is the perfect backpack for mountaineers, and adventures, the detachable pack makes it the perfect backpack for hiking and traveling.