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SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
Tactical Dog Harness
Tactical Dog Harness
Tactical Dog Harness
Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical K-9 Dog Harness Goat Trail Tactical
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical K-9 Dog Harness Goat Trail Tactical
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical K-9 Dog Harness Goat Trail Tactical
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical K-9 Dog Harness Goat Trail Tactical Tan Medium 30-65 lb
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness

SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness

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Product Details

Best Tactical Dog Harness

(Great for Big Dogs)

"Excellent Quality This is the ONLY harness that has been able to work on our dog! The quality is excellent, the customer service is excellent! We are very happy with your product!"

-Karen Snyder

This is the best tactical dog harness for big and small dogs. It works by dispersing the pressure generated by pulling or tugging over a larger area of the dog's body and away from the neck. It is the perfect big dog tactical harness for both training and missions.

Buckles: Metal alloy buckles load tested up to 1000 lb positioned around the dog's shoulders which are the most load-bearing points which make it heavy duty dog harness.

Stitching: Bartack X stitching is used on joints and load-bearing points to prevent seams from snapping or tearing.

Build: The harness consists of two individual pieces, a frontal panel, and a back panel, this offers four adjustability points for the perfect fit.

Handle: A large durable handle is sewn on the harness for an easy and quick grab when walking in crowded areas or when training, and to help your dog in/out car.

Leash Rings: What makes this the best no pull dog harness is the dual D-ring leash, the top one for walking, frontal one for no-pull training.

Molle: Molle straps are sewn on both sides for attachments, add-ons, and other gear such as treat pouches.

Hook & Loop: Two 2-in-1 molle and hook & loop strips sewn on both sides and name tag hook & loop strip in the front.


Best Use: Training, Service dogs, Walking
Sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large
Leash Attachment Rings: 2
Molle Webbings: x2 Left and Right
Hook and Loop:x3 - Front, Left, Right
Lining Material: Breathable Nylon Mesh
Outer Material:1000 Denier Nylon


Size Chart




Size A B C D Weight
S 22-28 9.5 18-20 11 Below 33 lb
M 28-35 11 18-24 12 33-65 lb
L 28-40 12 21-32 13 65-88 lb
XL 32-45 13 24-30 14.5 88-120 lb

*Size is in Inches and Weight is in Pounds


NoPull Dog Harness


Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Great products and service!!

We are very happy with the high quality of the product as well as the amazing customer service we were given. There was a small error in our original order and Goat Trail Tactical immediately fixed the issue without making us jump through endless hoops.

Would refer this company for the quality, but we are definitely staying because of the great service.

Heated hardware

I’m worried the metal hardware will get too hot in our Florida sun

Chyann C.
Works amazing

Absolutely amazing. Been using it for around 6 months. Carry handle is amazing if you go adventuring in rocky areas. I have a Shepherd Mix

Rebecca Lahmann
High quality

Very nice material, love the style. Fits great on my Dutch Shepherd! He looks so official, which is great for the start of his service dog training next week! Love it, exactly the high quality I was looking for!

Matt K.

Exactly what I was looking for in a harness for my pup. After tightening it down, it fits her perfectly. The detachable bags don’t exactly fit a full size (16.9oz) bottle of water. However, they will fit the 12oz size just fine. All in all my dog seems to enjoy it, and I couldn’t ask for a better product!

Tim Dugay
Great product

I like the way it looks it’s built tough fits my dog very well. thank you guys

B. Allen
Solid Gear With Some Very Minor Gripes

-Could not wait to get this kit for our newly adopted shelter dog, a 2yo Pitt. She is being trained as a service dog and has very strong tendencies to pull on walks. Having the option to attach some storage or a med emergency kit was a big bonus as well.
-Packaging was A++ and shipping very fast. First impression however is that the color was wrong. I selected the gray option but received black instead. I then went back to my purchase and confirmed that the image displayed was indeed gray. But, then I reread the description which says black. Why do you have a gray color showing for a black vest? We live in the desert and black gets extremely hot when out on daytime excursions so this was very disappointing. I'd have sent it back but after testing we have come to love the function and will try find ways to make due in the heat. Pics are included to show what it was I thought I was getting VS what was received.
-As she is a puller, and extremely well muscled, having a vest that can hold up under load was critical. This gear does not disappoint. The materials and stitching are easily comparable to my SOG hiking packs. There are no loose threads, the stitching is all evenly reinforced, and the primary harness clips are solid metal, with the girth straps connected by robust plastic units akin to what I have seen on my own safety harness.
-The grab handle is perfectly sized, not too big, and is easily found blindly, resting a hand on my pups neck. This is important for me as she may need to assist me when having a 'medical episode'. I have no doubt that it will hold up.
-The leash ring in back is chunky and so far the coating is extremely durable. The no-pull ring in front is not like others I've tried and I am not using it with this vest. In other units I've tested the ring runs through a strap that cinches tight around the chest and shoulders if the dog pulls. This one is hard mounted to the chest pad itself. If the dog pulls the vest twists before turning her around. Maybe I just need to spend more time adjusting the fit. Either way, the primary ring on the shoulders is very stout and more than adequate for the job.
-The molle panels are also made with the same careful attention to detail. And they are appropriately sized, using my mil surplus gear for testing. There isn't a lot of real-estate on my pups flanks but there is more than enough room for a pouch on each side for a days worth of rations and water along with a collapsible bowl. We left enough room in the rigging to also allow a cooking towel to rest between the back pad and dogs rib cage. Its not perfect but it does provide a barrier between her coat and the hot black fabric.
-Putting this on the dog is super simple. Initially we separated both panels, resting the back pad in place and then clipping in the chest pad. At first she wasn't too keen on this, startling a little when the clips connected, making that distinct 'click' noise. However we believe she may have been abused and this is not the only sound that startles her. After just a week she began going to the vest, hanging in our foyer, and 'booping it' when she wants to go on a walk or car ride. She also now sits and let's us put the vest on over her head, like a shirt, leaving just the girth buckles to deal with. Its still not her favorite thing but she tolerates it and quickly forgets it is there once outside.
-I also purchased the SSGLex Seat Belt and Dog Leash combo. Highly recommended if you are training a stubborn puppy who likes to pull or if you just prefer a short leash. Its a sheathed elastic and does most of the work for you without losing a very well defined movement distance both in the car and on walks.
-Overall this is an excellent product which I believe will hold up for many years, based on the materials and quality. I would have given this 5 stars but for the very misleading image on the product page. I will be back for more gear in the future and will not hesitate to spend the cash for this kind of quality from an American owned business.

Stephanie Daniel
Great harness

I have all 3 sizes of this harness - lots of room to adjust - I feel it runs a bit on the ‘large’ size ….love the control handle - used it on our first hike. Very sturdy.

SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
Tan / Small Below 33 lb - $68.99
  • Tan / Small Below 33 lb - $68.99
  • Tan / Medium 33-65 lb - $68.99
  • Tan / Large 65-88 lb - $68.99
  • Tan / Extra Large 88-120 lb - $68.99
  • Black / Small Below 33 lb - $68.99
  • Black / Medium 33-65 lb - $68.99
  • Black / Large 65-88 lb - $68.99
  • Black / Extra Large 88-120 lb - $68.99
  • CP / Large 65-88 lb - $68.99
  • CP / Medium 33-65 lb - $68.99
  • CP / Extra Large 88-120 lb - $68.99
  • CP / Small Below 33 lb - $68.99