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Tactical Dog Harness
Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical K-9 Dog Harness Goat Trail Tactical
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical K-9 Dog Harness Goat Trail Tactical
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical K-9 Dog Harness Goat Trail Tactical
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical K-9 Dog Harness Goat Trail Tactical Tan Medium 30-65 lb
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness

SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness

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Product Details

Best Tactical Dog Harness

(Great for Big Dogs)

"Excellent Quality This is the ONLY harness that has been able to work on our dog! The quality is excellent, the customer service is excellent! We are very happy with your product!"

-Karen Snyder



This is the best tactical dog harness for big and small dogs. It works by dispersing the pressure generated by pulling or tugging over a larger area of the dog's body and away from the neck. It is the perfect big dog tactical harness for both training and missions. 



Metal alloy buckles load tested up to 1000 lb positioned around the dog's shoulders which are the most load-bearing points which make it heavy duty dog harness.


Bartack X stitching is used on joints and load-bearing points to prevent seams from snapping or tearing.


The harness consists of two individual pieces, a frontal panel, and a back panel, this offers four adjustability points for the perfect fit.


A large durable handle is sewn on the harness for an easy and quick grab when walking in crowded areas or when training, and to help your dog in/out car.

Leash Rings

What makes this the best no pull dog harness is the dual D-ring leash, the top one for walking, frontal one for no-pull training.


Molle straps are sewn on both sides for attachments, add-ons, and other gear such as treat pouches.

Hook & Loop

Two 2-in-1 molle and hook & loop strips sewn on both sides and name tag hook & loop strip in the front.



Best Use -  Training, Service dogs, Walking
Sizes - Medium, Large, X-Large
Leash Attachment Rings - 2
Molle Webbings - x2 Left and Right
Hook and Loop - x3 - Front, Left, Right
Lining Material - Breathable Nylon Mesh
Outer Material - 1000 Denier Nylon


Size Chart


A Girth | B Back | C Neck Base | D Neck to Armpit | Dog Weight (lb)

S | A 22" - 28" | B 9.5" | C 18" - 20" | D 11" | Weight Below 33 lb
| A  28” - 35” | B  11” | C  18” - 24” | 12” | Weight 33 - 65 lb
L |  28” - 40” | B  12” |  21” - 32” | D 13“ | Weight 65 - 88 lb
XL | 32” - 45” | B  13” | C  24” - 30” | D 14.5” | Weight  88 - 120 lb






Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Siberian Husky Tested, Siberian Husky Approved

As any husky owner knows, they love pulling, and backing out of harnesses. Huskies put Houdini to shame with their amazing ability to escape from collars and harnesses. After trying a zillion harnesses for our 6th Siberian Husky, we stumbled upon the Goat Trail Tactical and threw our money down in hopeful anticipation.

The buckles are amazing, and although the back plastic buckles are stiff to get on and off, that's EXACTLY what we need. The front metal buckles are secure and strong. The straps allow us to snug that harness up tight (not too tight, 2 fingers under) in all the right places to hold it secure without her strangling. The leash loop connectors are metal, securely sewn in and instill confidence that it would take a major catastrophe for them to pull out. Having the front connector allows us to connect a leash on the back and front, limiting her ability to drag us down the street like a sled.

The rubber handle on the back... genius! Most harnesses have a flap of material that is difficult to grab, and cuts into your hand, twists, and is virtually worthless, but not the rubber handle on the SSGLex. Easy to grab, sturdy to hold, and perfectly positioned to get control when that suicidal squirrel darts in front of your very prey driven young husky.

Getting on and off is a breeze with various ways to go about it: either shove the head through and snap the back up, or one leg through over the top snap neck and back in. Even with young husky totally freaking out because she knows the harness means GO TIME, it's quick and easy to buckle up.

The little backpacks are cute, but until she gets out of her velociraptor stage of ripping things to shreds, we took them off, and also moved the included Goat Trail patch on the back. Love all the mollie loops and velcro for various and sundry things.

We purchased a Medium because she has some more growing to do and it fits very nicely with plenty of room for adjustments later on. My only suggestions is to include the little strap loops for the back like there are on the front. She took to it well, and seems comfortable enough that she doesn't mind wearing it. She is NOT happy about the front leash restricting her ability to cripple us with her pulling, but she'll get over that.

Finally a harness that gives us the confidence and security of knowing she won't back out of it and escape, we can walk her without being dragging down the street (the neighbors are somewhat disappointed that we found this solution and no longer gather on their porches each walk time for entertainment), and is comfortable to her as well.

Job well done, I highly recommend this harness to all of my husky owning friends.

Michael RatliffU

The harness and collar are well-made and high quality. Worth the money.

Wesley Bowers

Great product.... strong and dependable....

Luke Eddy

I have a very active and playful husky that has TORN APART your competitors products. She has managed on several occasions to pull her harness away from herself and chewed off her harness. After "equipping" her with your harness it rests high enough and comfortably enough away from her from doing this. The sturdy clasps and additional strap length is a huge bonus. I am proud to have purchased this product and support American production. A+ product and I look forward to years of use. Now to find some awesome pup patches to add to it. 😁

Regina Martin
great vest

very well made and assists with our bloodhound pup learning not to pull.. I ordered the larger one and we do have to tie the straps together but we know he will grow into the vest. He is only 7 months old and 90#s. we also use this vest when training to search. I had contacted them for advice for fitting and they were great. A very wel made vest and worth the money as it will last him forever

Travis Scheffer

Bought this harness for our 5 month old German shepherd. It is amazing! Going on walks is so much more enjoyable! Harness is much better built than any others we have bought. Well worth every penny!

Stephanie Kuebler
Great Harness.

Searched for something with heavy duty metal fasteners & found this one. Louie's previous harness would come undone when he would pull or lunge; thus making it dangerous to take him outside.
I was in a quandary as to what to do but after doing some research found Goat Trail Tactical. Have to say I am quite pleased with this harness.
Louie Is a Pit/Boxer and not yet two. He was the runt and only 60 pounds. That weight is all muscle. He in super athletic & very energetic.
He likes his harness and probably would wear it all the time, were he allowed to.
Not only is it made well but it was easy to adjust to him & is padded well. The harness sits well back from his armpits so it does not cause chaffing and sores.
Kai, thank you so much for helping me get it ordered & being so helpful... It arrived very quickly and was everything promised and even more.
I highly recommend this product.

Mike V.
Adjustable High quality harness

Excellent material Sharp looking harness. I bought a couple patches and accessories and it looks like a new harness every time I change the velcro patches.
The adjustable straps gives room to loosen and tighten for a perfect fit. It’s much easier now to control my active Lab.

SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
Tan / Small Below 33 lb - $64.99
  • Tan / Small Below 33 lb - $64.99
  • Tan / Medium 33-65 lb - $64.99
  • Tan / Large 65-88 lb - $64.99
  • Tan / Extra Large 88-120 lb - $64.99
  • Black / Small Below 33 lb - $64.99
  • Black / Medium 33-65 lb - $64.99
  • Black / Large 65-88 lb - $64.99
  • Black / Extra Large 88-120 lb - $64.99