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The only 3" dog collar on the market today!

Unmatched Strength for Big Dogs: Crafted from robust 1000D nylon, this collar is a game-changer in the big dog collars category. Its core feature, a unique 3-inch metal alloy buckle, establishes a new benchmark in the market. This 3 inch dog collar offers exceptional strength and a quick-release mechanism, easy for handlers but secure against even the most powerful dogs.

Ergonomic Comfort for Large Breeds: As a leading collar for large dogs, we’ve ensured strength doesn't sacrifice comfort. Our thick 3 inch wide dog collar is double-layered with nylon and includes gel padding under the handle and collar area, ensuring maximum comfort for your large breed dog during all activities.

Sized for Giants: Tailored for large breeds, we offer sizes from Large (16-23 inches) to a unique XX-Large (26-34 inches), making it an ideal St Bernard dog collar or bulldog dog collar – the only one in its class for super large breeds.

Versatility for Every Adventure: Whether it's training, hiking, or daily strolls, this extra large dog collar is built to excel in all scenarios, making it a perfect choice for various activities and the best collar for large dogs. 

Sleek Design: Available in classic black, this collar is not just a functional item but also a stylish accessory, complementing the powerful appearance of your large breed dog.

The Goat Trail Promise: Representing quality and extraordinary performance, each collar upholds our commitment to excellence. Designed for the most demanding tasks, it's more than just a collar – it's a beacon of reliability and trust for owners of large and powerful breeds.

3 in tactical collar for large dogs
3 in tactical collar for large dogs
3 in tactical collar for large dogs

Customer Reviews

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Brian Mclennan
Best colllar I ever came across.

This is the best collar I ever came across. I like it so much. I had to order another one for my other dog.


I have a great pyrenees who is a true beast! Two years ago I had to get him a custom-designed collar because we couldn't find any collars his size. I am glad we found the DIreBeast, it is comfortable, gets the job done very well, and seems very sturdy. I just wish there were more colors, we could definitely use an orange one.

Over all pretty happy with the purchase

Kevin Cash
DireBeast Collar For a Dire Wolf Crusher

This review is for the DireBeast XXL from Goat Trail Tactical. Aptly named, as I do not know of another nylon 3 inch width with quick release style buckle available anywhere and I have looked everywhere including custom products. Obviously named after the Dire wolf, the largest now extinct wolf species which weighed up to 175 lbs. My own dog is called a Volkodav, translated as "wolf crusher" and in this case he is half Malakli and half Alabai, weighing in over 220 lbs and standing over 3 feet at the shoulder. He is a chunk of muscle and very unforgiving on equipment that is inferior, making him a real test to this collar. While Austri Alpine types might say they are rated to x lbs, my boy seems to be able to bust them along with many other hardware devices. In most cases the hardware is the weak link. This is true in collar buckles and in leash attachments. The buckle So far has surprised me in that it has held tight and not shown signs of stress. I think it might just be the ticket. One note though: When connecting, make sure that that you are square on and not off center, or it may bind and not connect. The strap itself is a bit thin, also surprising, as I normally prefer such beastly collars to have solid form and support for my beast to support his weight and prevent choking. In this case though it appears to be of decent quality and certainly strong enough to hold up to the task at hand. Stitching is straight and no loose threads were present. There was a nice padded neoprene liner to add cushion which help offset the thinness of the material. As a note: my dog is a working dog and must wear a heavy (almost 1/3 inch thick leather collar over 3.5 inches wide) . Due to this I always carry an emergency backup to change into, and the DireBeast is perfect for this, as it takes up minimal space while still being a full size collar with full size strength. The collar also has a velcro section which should accommodate a patch of approximately 2 inches wide and up to 7 inches long in my case for better identification. As mentioned the thinness leaves a bit to be desired foe true big dog stability, but otherwise it seems to be a very strong and well made collar with a lot going for it, including being the only model on the market to fit this important role. With sizes going up to 34 inches, and down to quite small sizes considering the 3 inch width, it is a good investment that can grow with your pup as well. To summarize, the only entry I know of similar in the marketplace, a great price and quality product. Apparently available in any color you want as long as it's black. If your best friend often gets mistaken for a bear or lion, then this is the collar for you!

In the photo: 100kg (220 pound ) 3 feet at should Colt wear the Goat Trail Tactical DireBeast Collar model while resting from a day of hard work.

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