SSGLex™ Dog Leash Seat Belt


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"One of our three dogs got one as a gift, we liked it so much that we ordered two on the same day for the other two dogs. Great stuff!"


Dog Leash Seat Belt

The dog leash seat belt is a must-have for any pet owner. The material used to create this leash can hold a high level of pulling force, which means it should be able to handle anything that your furry friend does. Plus, this hogtie won't come off or snap like other rope leashes and has a quick-release clasp in case things go south.

People love the compactness and how nimble and stable the SSGLex™ Leash is. It is just the right length, so there is no need for long leash management.

Regular leashes can hurt dogs that pull, this tactical dog leash's rubber core provides just enough elasticity to keep the dog's neck safe. This military dog leash is also great for training and can be used with a service dog, and for general dog training.

In addition to the features mentioned, the tactical leash can be also used as a car seat belt for your tactical k9, the metal tongue is compatible with most seat belt systems.

Buckle Material - Metal
Leash Material - 1000 Denier Nylon
Thickness - 1 in
Length - 25 inches
Weight - .4 pounds
Disclaimers Please Read
  1. Safety Advisory: This leash is not designed for car safety. It is intended solely for general use. Do not rely on it to protect your dog in the event of a car crash.

  2. Usage Warning: For the safety of your pet, this leash must not be attached to a collar. Doing so can cause serious neck and tracheal injuries. Always use this leash with a dog harness to ensure your pet's safety.

  3. Liability Disclaimer: Goat Trail LLC assumes no responsibility for injuries that may occur due to improper use of this leash. Please adhere to all usage guidelines to prevent accidents.

Customer Reviews

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Ernest Liebe
Great tie down

I bought 2 of these, one for the truck and one to take back and forth from the shop and house. The elastic is strong and the material is tough from what I've seen.

I know he is secure

I really like this seat belt feature on this leash! I got to see it work on the first car ride after getting this. I don't know if the bungee I part of the snatch you back when brakes are needed fast but I saw him coming towards the front seat but then that bungee said nope you get back here! He looked at me saying WTF just happened! I feel super safe for him riding in cars, and I never let him ride in front because of the airbags but now I will let him. Awesome piece of work!

justin berry
Great idea

Hi I picked up this great doggie seatbelt for my puppy and she loves it. It keeps her calm in the car and in one spot so I can focus on the road. Best way to go!!!

William Bayer

Great leash

B. Allen
Solid Gear - Exactly What I Wanted / Needed

I ordered this for three reasons. One reason was to keep my curious pup out of trouble on car rides. The second was to help leash train our very eager and curious pound rescue. And third was to ease some of the pain caused by fifty pounds of muscle pulling against my rebuilt shoulder socket. This leash hit the mark on all three.

As a safety belt, it interfaces perfectly on all cars tested so far, both pre and post Y2K. The elastic gives just enough to allow her to look around, see out all windows, and give me a brief nose if she wants too. But it is not so long that she can jump over the back seat or up on the center console to lick my face which was her preferred position prior to this purchase.

For leash training this is a good option. The elasticity begins pulling her back before she even knows it and provides her with constant feedback even when I am not physically doing so. The non-elastic outer sheath is just long enough to make car rides fun and safe but not so long that she could suddenly lunge and get to anything in a store, a soccer ball for example. The length and pull are very manageable and predictable.

The elastic itself is tough. If she begins straying too far its already pulling her back. There is only slack when she is in the perfect walking position, at my heel and in close proximity. I don't know what the material quality is but it feels exactly the same as my old personal safety harness. If the elastic matches the visible materials then I have no doubt it still perform over time.

The metal bits are made of solid metal with what appears to be a very durable coating, maybe cerakote? So far no pitting, chipping or flaking. The swivel is very sturdy but can be a little noisy, emitting squeaks that sound like a rat on the run. But an occasional pass with a pencil does the trick, keeping it fairly quiet.

The handle loop has a rubberized grip that reminds me a lot of the grip on my hiking pack. Suple but sturdy with lots of texture to add grip. My preferred grip currently is to slip my off hand through the loop with a grip on the join while my strong hand chokes up on the leash at a natural hand height. This portion of the elastic is stitched into another piece of solid strapping, making it easier for me to control her when she is being stubborn. When she is behaving, or in a free roam area, holding the leash by just the handle gives her enough room to nose around while her tail is still furiously beating my knee caps. It also gives me enough confidence to let her explore without worrying about a sudden lunge breaking my grasp. The elastic is a life saver! I had a full shoulder rebuild while also missing half my bicep tendon so leash training a full grown pitt has been painful. She was never properly trained and walks were a constant shuffle from one hand to the other in order to spread the load, and inevitable ache, between joints. With this leash I get almost none of that strain. She has to approach almost full tension before I begin to feel it in my own joints. And already, after just a few weeks, she is learning to heed the tension and is self-checking her lead. My joints are very happy to have this gear.

Overall I love this equipment. Its exactly what I ordered and is clearly built to last. I cannot wait to see what other innovations Goat Trail Tactical comes up with in the future. Maybe some proper desert terrain doggy boots that are made with mesh instead of sweaty waterproof materials like the others??

Keith Lovely
Dog leash

Great quality.


Great product, havnt used it in the car yet but used it as a leash. Very good quality. We’ll have to see how it lasts.

Ken S.
Great product

The seat belt feature is super helpful

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