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Service Dog Vest | Service Dog Harness

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"Excellent Quality This is the ONLY harness that has been able to work on our dog! The quality is excellent, the customer service is excellent! We are very happy with your product!"

-Karen Snyder


Elevate your service dog's visibility and distinction with our Blaze Orange Service Dog Harness. This harness is not just a functional piece of equipment; it's a statement of your dog's important role. Designed for maximum visibility and recognition, this harness ensures your service dog stands out in any environment.

Key Features:

  • Highly Visible Design: The harness features a striking blaze orange color, making it highly visible in various settings. This design is crucial for ensuring your service dog is easily recognizable, providing peace of mind in crowded or busy areas.

  • Prominent Service Dog Identification: Each side of the harness displays bold "Service Dog" text, accompanied by the universally recognized healthcare snake symbol. This clear identification aids in conveying your dog's status, reducing potential misunderstandings or challenges in public spaces.

  • Comfortable and Durable: Beyond its visual appeal, this harness prioritizes your dog's comfort. The adjustable straps and ergonomic design ensure a snug fit without restricting movement, making it suitable for extended wear.

  • Removable Cover for Versatility: The harness includes a removable blaze orange cover, allowing you to adapt the harness for different situations. Whether you need high visibility or a more subdued look, this feature provides flexibility.

  • Service Dog Vest Functionality: This harness doubles as a service dog vest, offering the practicality of a harness with the added benefit of clear service dog identification. It's an ideal solution for service dogs who require both support and visibility.

Incorporating the essential elements of a Service Dog Harness, Orange Service Dog Harness, highly visible dog harness, and service dog vest, this product is a comprehensive solution for service dog handlers. Its blend of visibility, comfort, and functionality makes it an indispensable tool for your service dog's daily duties.


Best Use: Training, Service dogs
Sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large
Leash Attachment Rings: 2
Molle Webbings: x2 Left and Right
Hook and Loop:x3 - Front, Left, Right
Lining Material: Breathable Nylon Mesh
Outer Material:1000 Denier Nylon


Size Chart




Size A B C D Weight
S 22-28 9.5 18-20 11 Below 33 lb
M 28-35 11 18-24 12 33-65 lb
L 28-40 12 21-32 13 65-88 lb
XL 32-45 13 24-30 14.5 88-120 lb

*Size is in Inches and Weight is in Pounds



Customer Reviews

Based on 145 reviews
Love it!

I got this harness for my blue heeler and it fits him perfectly great quality

Going strong for 2 years now!

It has held up so well and my pitbull gets compliments on it all the time. My biggest worry initially was that the chest buckle would rip out since my pittie likes to pull if she’s excited and we were using it to re-train. Not a single stitch has ripped. The buckles are completely in tact. There are small signs of wear from a few strings around the Velcro part, and the coloring on the buckle has started to come off but that’s it. The patches have never fell off and it’s comfortable for her to wear. The biggest downfall is that my pittie is short, so the straps have to be tucked in so she doesn’t trip. But honestly I don’t think she’ll ever have another harness again!

Michele Paul
SSGL ex harness

Waited over a month BUT WE LOVE IT! It’s worth the wait -
I’m ordering another today for my other dog !

Great Product, but Grey harness picture is deceiving.

Got my harness today, it is of great quality and build, but I was a bit sad to see that it was not Grey in color like the picture shows, instead it is pure black. I suggest the Admin updates the pictures to better reflect what they ship out.


Walt Morehouse

A very good product. But very slow on delivery

michael almeida
good honest comany

I ordered a harness and patch for my dog and been waiting awhile..but customer service came up big with issuing a refund but stoll shipping my order out ..I still have to wait because it's been really busy for them with the holiday season but they did the right thing and made me happy !

Leigh Ostertag
Sturdy, strong, durable

I waited a little while for it to arrive. But it was well worth the wait. When it arrived I was worried the harness was too big for my little mountain feist. It's a lot of harness. I bought the smallest size they had. After tightening up all the straps I was relieved to see that the harness actually fits now. It is almost like a suit of armor for your dog. Its badass. I am very happy with my purchase and I believe my dog is too.

Ronald Costa

I really like the harness and it fits my dog fine, easy to get on him easy to get off!

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