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SSGLex™ Harness | No Pull Dog Harness + Leash

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Product Details

No Pull Dog Harness

About the Harness: Say hello to our No Pull Dog Harness. It's not just any harness; it's the best for your pet. Made with top-notch materials, it's built to last. Whether you have a big or medium dog, this harness fits just right. Its full-body design wraps around your dog, making them feel secure and comfy.

No More Pulling: Got a dog that loves to pull? We've got the solution. Our harness has a special front buckle. When your dog tries to pull, the buckle gently turns them. This simple trick stops the pulling. With our harness, walks are more relaxed and training becomes a breeze.

Why Our Harness Rocks:

  • Perfect Fit: Adjusts easily for big and medium dogs.
  • No-Pull Design: Front buckle makes training easy.
  • Super Comfort: Your dog will feel snug and safe.
  • Quality Build: Made for long walks and fun training sessions.
  • Freedom to Move: Lets your dog walk and play without any fuss.

Our No Pull Dog Harness. It's the perfect blend of style, comfort, and function. It promises better walks and happier training sessions for you and your furry friend.

Customer Reviews

Based on 186 reviews

Heavy duty. Strong. Works great. I love it. My dogs walk with me better.


Never got it


shipping took almost 3 weeks even though im a state away. response time was slow. they said they’re “not amazon prime” and just a small business which is understandable but 3 weeks(i also payed for faster shipping)? ive had it for a couple months now and it’s holding up okay, however threads are coming loose often and they started coming out within a week. i have nothing to compare it too so im not sure if the price is worth it, i have a very active 140lb husky, wolf, mastiff that likes to roll around and go swimming so if it holds up for another year it will be worth the price(to me). it looks like a more premium product from the pictures and price from what you would find on a shop like amazon but having it in my hands didnt give off that same feeling. however, like i said i dont have anything to compare it to and its still holding up so im okay with it just not thrilled.


VERY RELIABLE PRODUCT, Got the harness and collar, very durable material and looks amazing on my dog

Dennis Rogers
Nice product but customer service is TERRIBLE

Placed my order on Oct 7 wasn’t actually shipped until Nov 2. The emails they responded to were dumb excuses. One telling me they were out of a color that didn’t even order. After I called em on it they stopped responding. The product deserves a 4 star they deserve a 0 so I settled at a 2.

Leigh Ostertag
Sturdy, strong, durable

I waited a little while for it to arrive. But it was well worth the wait. When it arrived I was worried the harness was too big for my little mountain feist. It's a lot of harness. I bought the smallest size they had. After tightening up all the straps I was relieved to see that the harness actually fits now. It is almost like a suit of armor for your dog. Its badass. I am very happy with my purchase and I believe my dog is too.

Ronald Costa

I really like the harness and it fits my dog fine, easy to get on him easy to get off!

David Kidd

Total control of my dog. She likes to chase dogs, cats etc,. Tha pincher collar caused damage. Every other college or harness has failed.

SSGLex™ Harness | No Pull Dog Harness + Leash
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  • Black / Small Below 33 lb / Black - $78.99
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  • Black / Medium 33-65 lb / Black - $78.99
  • Black / Large 65-88 lb / Tan - $78.99
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  • Black / Extra Large 88-120 lb / Black - $78.99