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Goat Trail Tactical Reviews

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Frustrated and Disappointed

I tried to make this a 1 star review but apparently those get blocked from posting.
I will start by saying that everything I have seen this company make has been top notch quality. I love the collar and am very happy to know I have finally found one that my dog can't break. I am sure this leash is of similar standing and would be a great addition to my arsenal however I never actually received it. I placed my order over 2 months ago, and I got everything in the box except for the leash, when I reached out (through the most difficult and frustrating customer service system ever), I got a friendly response saying that the leashes were backordered and wouldn't be in until Sep 7th, in which shortly after mine would be sent to me. It is now Sep 25th, and I still have no leash, nor have I received any responses to the 3 emails I have sent to check up since Sep 7th. I feel like they have given up and I am now out $35. I would be more than happy to update this review as again I am sure the quality is fantastic, but the experience has just been awful. Between late shipments, items not arriving, and a horrible customer service operation the quality simply isn't enough to make purchasing from GTT worth it. I hope at least they will have the decency to give me the refund I requested after this long and ridiculous experience.

American Flag Patch
Patrick Jones

Looks like a nice patch..I wouldn’t know because I didn’t receive mine in my recent order and still haven’t got an email back nice customer service


Ordered this for my new puppy to get him use to wearing a harness but wanted sturdy that would last while he grew as a puppy. Build quality is top notch, wanted the black tactical leash to go with but they were out of stock. Definitely will be ordering more for my huskies.

Great find for hunting dogs

I didn't purchase these harnesses to control by dogs. I virtually never put a leash on them. I have 2 well trained Pudelpointers and I have tried 6 or more different harnesses or coats. :My interest is purely visibility and toughness to combat the brush, brambles and thorns my dogs thrive in while hunting. These are the best by far. Visibility at long range and in the brush is excellent Fit is perfect. No chafing or hot spots and tough as nails. The orange capes are perfect and extremely tough. Shrug off briars and barbed wire fences. I have had a couple of serious injuries over the years for my dogs resulting in stitches etc. They would not have happened with this harness. Tough to protect chest, belly and sides. A nice touch that cape is easily replaced if it becomes soiled or damaged without need to replace the entire harness. My only wish is for a cape in safety yellow.


Well the best seems to be very good quality the sizing seems to be off. This medium vest supposed to fit a dog from 35 to 65 pounds and I can’t make it small enough to fit my 45 pound dog🤷🏼‍♂️

SSGLex Dog/K9 Harness

We take our rotties everywhere and being working dogs, they definitely like having a job to do. The SSGLex harness is perfect for them. We attach our molle water, accessory bags and IFAK kits to their harnesses when hiking and camping. The harness has an upper and chest d-ring which provides good options when training or better control is needed. The harness is well-made and seems very durable. Great piece of kit.


Fit perfectly and is super strong and attractive. Great customer service concerning exchanging for a medium

Great Harness and Backpack

The best thing is that my dog doesent pull when he is wearing the harness, it also gives him a purpose when he has to carry his own things like his potty bags, water bowl, etc. it is comfortable for him and he also loved it. We got the leash and the collar too and they’re just such great products, best on the market.

No pull tactical dog harness

What a great investment and a great company to work with! I got my dogs size wrong and customer service reached out and helped me in an exchange. The new harness came and I love it. It’s safe for my girl and it helps very much in leash training.

Great so far!

No problems after a couple backpacking trips. Heavy pulling on skateboard. She loves putting it on.

Dog collar

Fit my dog great n get looks great in it thank you

Best Dog Harness on the Market

I ordered a large harness for my Pit Bull baby, and I was surprised at the quality of manufacture, great materials and ease of fitting. This is a very comfortable harness for a large animal, and I like the mesh lining that prevents overheating and chafing of the animal. I was so impressed with the product; I ordered two more large harnesses for my other fur babies. Great customer service as well from Debbie and will recommend to my friends!

Great leash, twist free

Leash collar name tag

Collar looks great. Name tag is bigger than expected but not disappointed. Like the cobra buckle on the collar. Ordered the bright orange leash. The design on the hasp of the leash is very easy to manipulate when connecting/disconnecting. The leash is 5’ wish it were 6’ like old K9 leashes I ised for work but Max and I will adapt. Only other issue , not a deal breaker, but why did it take over 10 days to deliver from one location in Illinois to another less than three hours away?

Great Collar

I love this collar, it fit perfectly on my german shepherd. I just recommend to the owners to add shipping to Mexico, I tried to buy this collar since January, but I didn’t find a way because you didn’t have an option to ship to my country. I finally got it through Amazon.


The collar is perfect and tough. It’s exactly what I was needing for our German Shepherd. Also their customer service is amazing!! I definitely recommend them!

Great Harness!

The small fits my 35 pound lab mix perfectly. Everything is a tight fit where other harnesses may sag or have gaps. Absolutely worth the price tag if you hike or want to keep your dog secured doing any activity.

So Far Very Happy

In theory, it's impossible to make a fully-informed review until years down the line. That said, given what I've seen so far and the feel of the quality, I don't see any problems down the line. The adjustments were easy to make, very intuitive, and the connectors all seem very strong.

We struggled to find a harness to fit our 95lbs GSD and stumbled across Goat Trail Tactical. Not only was this the perfect solution to the problem (including very reasonably priced compared to the other harnesses we've used), but we are so impressed that we expect Goat Trail Tactical will be the first stop when we upgrade harnesses on the rest of our pack.


I have 2 dogs, a Husky and a Samoyed. I got these harnesses to try to have a slip-resistant harness because my dogs figured out how to slip out of all other harnesses lol. I had NO IDEA these harnesses had a No Pull ring at the front. Not only that, but the quality felt amazing. I can actually feel the difference in quality. ALSO my Husky is an extremely strong puller when I walk him. I always end up with an imprinted leash mark around my hands and arms. I have tried everything but nothing has worked so I accepted my faith. With this harnesses No Pull ring, it was like I was walking a completely different doggy. He barely pulled at all and for the first time since he was a small pup, I didn't struggle to walk him today LOL thanks so much Goat Trail Tactical! The only thing I recommend is more color options and possibly some way to roll up the slack off the adjustment straps so my dogs don't look like the Predator running around. Other than that, beautiful harnesses ! I actually ordered some leashes from Goat Trail so I'm excited to try those too!


It's a extremely strong and very well made and designed, I would buy it again love the clasp!

XXXL Sizing

I would REALLY love to give this collar a try, but we need one that's AT LEAST 30 inches. I second the request from Mr. Allison from about a year ago. PLEASE consider including the giant breed dogs as they certainly need strong, durable and reliable collars for handling & safety.

Im happy with it, the dog on the other hand has her reservations. Quality

Love the harness

Great for help with strong breeds that like to pull! Looks great too

Pat and Peanut

I ordered the lg but realized shortly after that I needed a med. I sent email but was informed it was already being shipped. the rep was named Debbie and she was very helpful and quick to respond. She is a true asset to your company. I have received the med and it fits but the buckles around his waist seem to loosen after each wear. I ordered your harness because you advertise it as escape proof. It still seems to be a good product but that part is annoying . Hope you can figure out a way to correct this issue. Not sure I would recommend your product but I do recommend Debbie

Really Great Product

The fit & quality are amazing