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GTT Brute™ Leash | Heavy Duty Tactical K-9 Dog Leash

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"One of our three dogs got one as a gift, we liked it so much that we ordered two on the same day for the other two dogs. Great stuff!"


Heavy Duty Tactical K-9 Dog Leash

With big dogs come big responsibilities, when regular leashes aren't working anymore or aren't strong or versatile enough, you will need our GTT Brute leash. It is designed specifically for big and strong dogs.

Metal Beak Buckle: The beak buckle is an innovative new buckle that employs new technology to latch onto your dog's collar or harness. It is super easy for you to engage and disengage but impossible for the dog to break no matter how strong they are!

Shock-Absorbing Lining: The inner black lining of the leash is made from thick shock-absorbing material that will relieve stress on your hand and fingers and prevent injuries.


Buckle Material - Metal Beak Buckle
Leash Material - 1000 Denier Nylon
Thickness - 1 in
Length - 5 ft
Weight - 6.5 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Still getting used to leash

I have not used it enough to form an opinion. I hope this will last 15 years like the my last leash by Aspen Pet, which is no longer made. My 7 month old Labrador Retriever pulls like the dickens and tries to chew on leash. I am skeptical of the black backing lasting very long but we shall see.

Joshua Pena
Great feel

Leash is awesome great feel and just the perfect length strong enough to hold the heaviest K9 back

Matthew Wells
I like it

I personally just got this because it looks bada$$ and I like overkill. I like that it's strong without being physically heavy. It's essentially quick connect and quick release. It just pushes right onto the dogs harness or collar ring. It quickly releases by just pushing the release but the dog can't physically get loose on it's own unless they physically break it somehow. It's way overkill for most dogs and people, but I love showing it off. My wife just kinda laughed that I paid $35 for a leash but my shepherd is my baby and it matches her new harness. I'd imagine it's probably perfect for high drive hunting or sport dogs.

Mathias Negraes
Great product!

My american pitbull terrier has a lot of power. This leash is exactly what I was searching for! The metal beak buckle is a nice plus - easy to engange!

Jimmie G Coleman
Safe and Secure

I love this leash; and appreciate that It's a good
strong leash with quality connections. I love the
Frog Clasp it's very different; and is also nice as
an eye catcher while training. It looks like it will
never break; and give added security when you
have a big dog. It’s also padded for comfort with an hook and loop area for identificationoand I think people generally pay attention to large breed dogs

Jennifer S.
Great Leash

We love this leash!

Cody Comardelle
Orange Tactical Leash

Good quality and very sharp looking!

Kyle Sokolowski
Orange leash

It’s a good strong leash with solid quality connections. I appreciate that one side is softer/padded a bit. When you have a big dog, that added comfort can go a long way. Clasp is very different but when you look at it closely you realize it’s purpose. It will never break. The bright orange is also nice as an eye catcher while training. I think folks generally pay attention when that color is attached to a large breed and are a bit more careful. I have no complaints which is nice in this day and age. Hard to find things built right and even over built with a purpose.

GTT Brute™ Leash | Heavy Duty Tactical K-9 Dog Leash
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