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SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
Tactical Dog Harness
Tactical Dog Harness
Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical K-9 Dog Harness Goat Trail Tactical
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical K-9 Dog Harness Goat Trail Tactical
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical K-9 Dog Harness Goat Trail Tactical
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical K-9 Dog Harness Goat Trail Tactical Tan Medium 30-65 lb
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness

SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness

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Product Details

Best Tactical Dog Harness

(Great for Big Dogs)

"Excellent Quality This is the ONLY harness that has been able to work on our dog! The quality is excellent, the customer service is excellent! We are very happy with your product!"

-Karen Snyder

This is the best tactical dog harness for big and small dogs. It works by dispersing the pressure generated by pulling or tugging over a larger area of the dog's body and away from the neck. It is the perfect big dog tactical harness for both training and missions. The design of our k9 vest harness makes it extremely hard for dogs to chew or damage the harness, it is also the best harness for big dogs.

Buckles: Metal alloy buckles load tested up to 1000 lb positioned around the dog's shoulders which are the most load-bearing points which make it heavy duty dog harness.

Stitching: Bartack X stitching is used on joints and load-bearing points to prevent seams from snapping or tearing.

Build: The harness consists of two individual pieces, a frontal panel, and a back panel, this offers four adjustability points for the perfect fit.

Handle: A large durable handle is sewn on the harness for an easy and quick grab when walking in crowded areas or when training, and to help your dog in/out car.

Leash Rings: What makes this the best no pull dog harness is the dual D-ring leash, the top one for walking, the frontal one for no-pull training.

Molle: Molle straps are sewn on both sides for attachments, add-ons, and other gear such as treat pouches.

Hook & Loop: Two 2-in-1 molle and hook & loop strips sewn on both sides and name tag hook & loop strip in the front.


Best Use: Training, Service dogs, Walking
Sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large
Leash Attachment Rings: 2
Molle Webbings: x2 Left and Right
Hook and Loop:x3 - Front, Left, Right
Lining Material: Breathable Nylon Mesh
Outer Material:1000 Denier Nylon


Size Chart




Size A B C D Weight
S 22-28 9.5 18-20 11 Below 33 lb
M 28-35 11 18-24 12 33-65 lb
L 28-40 12 21-32 13 65-88 lb
XL 32-45 13 24-30 14.5 88-120 lb

*Size is in Inches and Weight is in Pounds


NoPull Dog Harness


Customer Reviews

Based on 113 reviews
John Stone
Great product

Really love this harness. The added reflective strips is great for night walks. My dog wore it comfortably first time out.

Brandon Shepard
Great customer service

Really good customer service experience. My dog was able to get the harness off and she chewed it up. So I reached out to them to see if they could and without hesitation they replaced the bad harness. They offered solutions to avoid this from happening again. I recommend buying from these guys for all your dog harness needs

Michael Reichel

I am very happy with my purchase I get he gets compliments from everyone who sees him. Chief looks super official.

Tami Osolin
Amazing harness

This is the best harness I’ve ever seen for a dog works great for my Anatolian, one of the only harnesses that fits her and it’s so durable.

Dustin Duchesneau
Terrible customer service, but great harnesses

Placed an order paid extra for two day shipping, took three weeks. They wouldn’t even refund my shipping. terrible customer service! But the harnesses are amazing

Tim Atkinson
Additional carry bags are junk

Vest seems fine so far. Both bags have ripped at the connection point for securing them to the vest.

Amber Lawrence
Best harness for my escape artist.

Glad I purchased this harness. My escape artist isn't choking herself or undoing the straps.

It's alright, some revisions could make it perfect.

I really really wanted to love this. It looks amazing and looks like great quality however I do have a couple issues. The main issue, is that my 90lb great pyrenees ripped the chest hook and the strap that was holding it down, tore a hole right in the harness. Sucks because my primary reason for buying this was to prevent him from pulling me. 2nd issue is it doesn't fit as snug as I'd like. I measured him and followed the size diagram on your site but the harness will still slide around from side to side. The chest part is loose on him and it seems to ride sorta close to his armpits, which looks like it digs in a bit. The first time we actually set off to use it and it tore. Given the price and overall look, I'd expect it to last a lot longer than that. He does look forward to wearing it because he knows he's going on some adventure, so that's good. I do like that it has MOLLE straps however, I tried to attach a water bottle for him with the MOLLE straps but it pulled the harness all the way down to one side, so I wasn't able to have him carry his water. I also feel the buttons for the pouches that came with the harness, are a bit lose. At one point, his leash came up under the pouch, undid the buttons and the pouch fell off into the water. I had a small first aid kit hanging on it, and all the first aid supplies were soaked. The first aid pouch isn't your fault as it's from a different company but the pouches that came with the harness are yours and I feel the button clasps could be more heavy duty and less likely to pull off, very little force is required to remove em. I will continue to use this harness even though I'm disappointed that I can't use the chest clip to help with the pulling and I can't attach heavy stuff to MOLLE straps without the harness falling to one side. Luckily when the chest deal broke, and his leash came off, he didn't run off. Moving forward, you should make a revised edition with better stitching, a secondary set of straps to go under the chest/belly area, and make it bigger so it's not like a crop top on XL dogs. It doesn't help that my dog has the size of an XL dog but he's boney, so maybe he just needs to pack on more muscle or fat and fill out more. His long fur probably doesn't help either. Overall, I like it but it could be better. You can see in the first picture I attached, he's not even pulling but yet the harness is slightly pulling to the side. And I spent some time on each strap that I could adjust, so that they were snug but not too snug that it was uncomfortable. Oh and if you do revise, make the first set of straps behind the legs, come back further, it cuts too far into the back of his leg and rides up his armpit. Overall, good product, just needs a little work and it could be perfect. The 2nd image I attached is the part that ripped. It tore the steel ring right off the harness and now has this dangling strap from it and a hole in the harness. I WILL recommend your company to friends and family, however i will also have to be honest and let em know what issues I had with it, and let them decide if they want to move forward with buying this. I feel it could be my dog and his overall shape but I also feel it's the product as well. Given the amount of issues I had; the chest strap ripping off, the buttons for the MOLLE pouches not being very secure, the chest pad not sitting flush and bunching up, the chest straps digging into his legs, the harness not fitting snug and moving side to side, and the single stitching is why I gave it 3 stars. Given the amount of issues i had, 1 or even 2 stars would be sufficient but I believe you can take this and make it better and I'll be one of the first ones in line to buy it if you do make it better. Thank you.

SSGLex™ Harness | Tactical Dog Harness
Tan / Small Below 33 lb - $95.00
  • Tan / Small Below 33 lb - $95.00
  • Tan / Medium 33-65 lb - $95.00
  • Tan / Large 65-88 lb - $95.00
  • Tan / Extra Large 88-120 lb - $95.00
  • Black / Small Below 33 lb - $95.00
  • Black / Medium 33-65 lb - $95.00
  • Black / Large 65-88 lb - $95.00
  • Black / Extra Large 88-120 lb - $95.00
  • CP / Large 65-88 lb - $95.00
  • CP / Medium 33-65 lb - $95.00
  • CP / Extra Large 88-120 lb - $95.00
  • CP / Small Below 33 lb - $95.00