Molle Pouch with Elastic Band


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Expand your gear by adding a patch, two, or more! This pouch offers you a secondary storage compartment when needed. The molle webbing allows you to attach this pouch to any molle compatible gear.

  • Built from military-grade Denier Nylon
  • Zipper closure & side elastic band
  • Side hook and loop for patches
  • Size 8" x 5.5"

Customer Reviews

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Ryan W.
Not a real MOLLE pouch

I own many bags and pouches with MOLLE systems and PALS webbing. One of the main features of MOLLE is the ability to weave onto the PALS webbing for a secure fit. This pouch does not weave onto the SSGLex harness. The straps simply go under the two PALS straps on the harness with no way to weave them back into the pouch. In the field these pouches can easily come off the harness, as one reviewer experienced. I took my dog out for a test hike and the leash caught under the pouch and unsnapped both buttons. This is false advertising! I will be returning this pouch and buying a different one from a company that actually knows how MOLLE works.

Awesome bags for the perfect harness

I love this harness. It has been holding up great, and my dog loves it. These bags are the perfect compliment to it, as I always have certain things in them, and I can put a few extra pounds on each side to keep her in shape. If you’re having problems with the MOLLE straps becoming unbuttoned, 99% chance you’re not running the straps correctly. They dont just go in the top, and then run all the way down behind, and then just button. There is a certain technique, and in the year or so I’ve been using it, I’ve NEVER had a button pop, and the last 2 months she’s been wearing it when we go out (she’s my service dog, so she goes out every time i do unless I’m working) I’ve had about 4 pounds on each side. Before that, i had 2 pounds on each side for close to 6 months. You just have to do the straps correctly. It’s hard to explain how to do it, but I would just go on YouTube and watch someone properly do it. You’ll never have that problem again.

Almost perfect

Love my shepherd's side bags that let him carry all his hiking essentials so I don't have to! This order was actually a replacement for one that fell off while he was running through some bushes. Only wish is that the button snaps / attachment method were more secure.

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